Full Disclosure

Travel Reviews

Some of the attractions and tours reviewed have been invited, complimentary media visits; sometimes just for the author, sometimes for the author and a photographer. Without these invited visits, these reviews simply could not be written, as it would not be feasible to self-fund admission to so many tours and attractions.

We aim to only review experiences that we think will be beneficial to you, the audience.

When we do write a review, we do so under the impression that it is unbiased and honest.

Sponsored Posts

Occasionally, we will write and publish sponsored posts on the site. This content helps pay for the ongoing maintenance of the website and our goal to publish regular, high-quality content. We only work with legitimate businesses and provide this disclosure as proof of sponsored content.


Google Adsense can be found on this site as a means to generate revenue for our writers and editors. Additionally, we have opportunities for paid promotions. If you are interested please contact us.

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