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Actual Travel Guide: 5 of the Top Activities in Savannah, Georgia

The post below was originally published on Actual Travel Guide by Bryan Copeland.

Savannah is a very unique yet vintage town unlike any other city in Georgia. The old fashioned city has much to offer, from vintage cafes and southern fried restaurants to graveyards and a plethora of historical homes. This list of places to visit will guarantee a great time for anybody during their visit in this beautiful coastal city.

Historic District

Savannah’s downtown historic district embodies most of its tourist locations. The district consists of over twenty lush and manicured garden squares throughout the center of the city. There are various cafes and restaurants, museums, cemeteries, mansions, and historical sites throughout the Historic District. Each square within the district holds a unique piece of the city’s history; one being “Chippewa Square”, where the opening scene from the critically claimed film “Forest Gump” was shot. Speaking of movies, the Historic District is also home to America’s oldest theater, the Historic Savannah Theatre. It’s pretty obvious why this place made the top of the list.

Forsyth Park

This 30-acre park lies in the center of Savannah’s Historic District. Named after the late Georgia Governor, John Forsyth, Forsyth Park has much to offer than its playgrounds, shaded walking paths, and grass fields. The park is home to its most famous asset, Forsyth Fountain, is dedicated to the Confederacy and the Spanish-American War. Additionally, the park features several other sites including the Confederate MemorialPoor House and Hospital, and Fragrant Garden for the Blind. Aside from the park’s many sights, it is also home to many of Savannah’s various concerts and festivals throughout the year.

River street

River Street is cobblestone street that runs alongside the Savannah River in Savannah’s Waterfront district. The street consists of a multitude of various shops, bars, restaurants, and galleries. Night clubs, pub crawls, and live music typically begin during the evening hours making this area very popular amongst those looking to party.

City Market

The City Market area spreads across four blocks within the Historic District. This area is primarily known as the city’s marketplace and is filled with numerous boutiques, shops, art galleries, and restaurants. It’s also home to many of Savannah’s trolley, carriage, and bus transportation for those visitors looking to take a tour of the city. Similar to River Street, City Market is another very attractive evening site for party-seekers as it also has several bars.

Bonaventure Cemetery

This historical cemetery is home to graves of the famous poets, Johnny Mercer and Conrad Aiken in addition to other celebrities. At close to 100 acres, most visitors could spend all day exploring the grounds, however, there are guided tours for visitors who wish to gain a more knowledge of the cemetery’s history and find famous tombstones.

Wormsloe Historic Site

Wormsloe is a Savannah historical site unlike any other. Besides its scenic views, Wormsloe Historic Site is also home to the oldest standing building in Savannah, Wormsloe tabby ruin. In addition to the ruin, there is also a museum where guests can view Wormsloe artifacts and learn more about the founding of Georgia.

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